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14. Do you provide online courses?
15. Do I need to know about the stock market before joining this course?
16. Will you provide a certificate after completion of the course?

Special Offer

Our mission is to give knowledge of stock market to the every person who are interested in learning the share market. We make them a professional trader so that they can become independent traders; either full-time traders with trading as a primary source of income or part-time traders with jobs with trading as a second source.

Our Divyang (Handicapped) Friends cum Students, SMTA Institute provides up to 20% discount on the selected courses. Our motive does not revolve around earning profits from our students. We aim higher. We trust in our teachings. So that we provide our students with OUR OWN FUNDS to practice trading and testing our taught strategies. We want our students to stand out of the crowd. We want them to learn and understand the working of the stock market so well that they never face losses in their trading career.