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More than 10 Faculties and teachers in SMTA with an experience of 15 plus years in financial markets will guide you in dealing with stock market as a business. They will also help you in changing your psychology and point of view towards stock market by trading strategically, so that you will be able to achieve higher levels and make your career in the world of stock market.


SMTA Institute focuses on motivating such students and teaching them to think of the stock market as a business. Profits and losses are a part of any business. Students need to make their strategies so perfect that they can easily calculate the risk-reward ratio and focus not only on earning profits but also on managing their losses. We teach our students to focus on profits as well as losses. If the losses are known beforehand, they can be managed and profits will be there certainly. Each trade is a test of your emotions, a beginner has to learn to control their impulses and desires to become a successful trader.

SMTA(Stock Market Trading Academy) provides every student an opportunity to work as a Technical Analyst, Research Executive, and Portfolio Manager after completion of the Advanced Technical Analysis course in which students have to do live trading. They are given a fund of Rs. 40,000-1,00,000 in their Demat account for live trading. If the student incurs a loss while trading, SMTA will bear the loss. If the student earns profits, then a 50-70 % share of the profit will be given.

Students come with high hopes and dreams in the stock market to begin their trading career. They join a stock market institute by paying huge fees to learn about trading and investment. Students bring their hard-earned money to invest/trade in the stock market. Even after learning all the steps and strategies, they start incurring losses while trading. This crushes their ambition of having a career in the stock market and become depressed. SMTA Institute is taking all the necessary steps to provide a trading lifestyle to its students and make them a professional trader.

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