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SMTA institute prepares students for NISM or NCFM certification. With that, we 100% guarantee you job as 

  • Portfolio Manager
  • Indian Broking House
  • Hedge and PE funds
  • KPOs and Banks
  • Equity and Derivative market dealer
  • Equity Market and Investment Advisor
  • Sales Manager and Relationship Manager
  • Assistant Manager
  • Executive Sales
  • Financial and Supervision Analyst
  • Fund Accounting Role and Growth Manager
  • Technical Research Executive
  • Technical and Fundamental Analyst etc

During practice, we do not suggest students to do paper trading or trade in dummy account, rather we provide them real fund to trade in real market under experienced mentors.We show students actual usage of strategy and help them earn profits. Cause as long students do not learn to control emotions in this market, they will not be able to earn understanding the sentiments of buyers and sellers.

Our motto is not confined to getting our students job only, we strive to give them a trader’s lifestyle. For this, we focus on trading by providing them 30k to 2 lakhs fund for practising, while taking the risk on ourselves.

Student will be given 60% of profits earned using company’s fund. In case of losses, student does not get anything, but he does not need to pay us anything as well. SMTA bears all the losses. Profits are disbursed every weekend.

If a student makes continuous profits using company’s fund, then fund can be increased and student’s share will also be increased up to 75%.

In the second month, students will be given funds for trading. so, that students can earn while learning.

SMTA institute provides it’s students such robotic software tools and scanners, which helps in research a lot and helps students taking right decisions.

SMTA institute ‘s team gives you life time hand holding support and mentorship. Once our student, you become a part of SMTA family.You can continuously learn and upgrade your strategies in stock market using our experience.




20k to up to 2Lac

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