Our Facilities​

If you want to make your career with us and you are residing out of Delhi. Don’t be worry we have a solution to your problems.

SMTA, in the previous 5 to 6 years, has been tie-up with many Hotels and Hostels, to form your stay cheap and convenient. Our Team is working 24*7 for the students. Our team tries its best to have no problem with any of the students during the course. If you are serious to make your career in the Stock Market, then join us today We are the Best Institute of Stock Market.

All the students who join the SMTA Institute will get lifetime support through a WhatsApp group or website notification. Research Related to stock market intraday and swing trading will be provided and all of the research will be explained in the class so that the students can focus on the research and do their trading practice. For those students who cannot sit in front of a screen for trading due to their jobs or businesses, our research would prove to be profitable and SMTA Institute will help the students in every way possible.

All the news related to the stock market will be sent to the students through notification so that they can determine the volume in the stocks. Students can take trading decisions with high reward and small risk calculations with the help of the news.

On every weekend, mentors of SMTA Institute will provide long term investment research (Technical and fundamental analysis) in which students can create their positions and can make huge profits in long investments along with trading.

Those students who want to make their trading career in international markets along with Indian stock market, they will be provided trading research on every market so they can practice their strategies taught in the class and control their emotion (Providing research is necessary so that students do not read the strategies wrongly take positions that will incur losses. This is why we provide research so that the students can read the strategies with a different perspective and keep the rules regulation in min while trading).

Candlestick and stock selection scanner will be provided to every student so if they want to trade or practice using only candlestick patterns, these tools would help them the students identify correct patterns and ensure they do not make any mistakes. Stock selection scanner can help the students picking stocks in which volume is going to rise and take fast decisions.

Award and Certification
SMTA Institute will provide funds to the students and whatever profits they earn monthly, 50% will be given to the students and the company will handle any losses incurred by the student while trading. Top 3 performers will be given the Best Trading award and a certificate by the institute if they maintain risk- reward calculations. If a student is profitable for 12 months, his profit sharing will be increased from 50% to 70% and his fund would be doubled so that he can deal in heavy quantity and earn even higher returns.

Special Offer

Our mission is to give knowledge of stock market to the every person who are interested in learning the share market. We make them a professional trader so that they can become independent traders; either full-time traders with trading as a primary source of income or part-time traders with jobs with trading as a second source.

Our Divyang (Handicapped) Friends cum Students, SMTA Institute provides up to 20% discount on the selected courses.  Our motive does not revolve around earning profits from our students. We aim higher. We trust in our teachings. So that we provide our students with OUR OWN FUNDS to practice trading and testing our taught strategies. We want our students to stand out of the crowd. We want them to learn and understand the working of the stock market so well that they never face losses in their trading career.