Nifty and Bank nifty

Nifty and bank nifty course has been crafted for people, who trade specially full time only in indexes. It includes intraday trading, swing trading, and hedging techniques in the options market. Our strategies help the student to earn in high volume market and trade with confidence.

At SMTA institute, our mentors have designed nifty and bank nifty trading courses in a very easy and effective way. This helps beginners and index traders both, with advanced strategies to make money with low risk. Hedging techniques can help students to innovate strategies to hedge their equity and futures trades as well. Volume has a big role in the Stock market. It is very interesting to work in high volume and index stocks. This segment has big lucrative profits, but it also carries risk of big losses as well. So, it is very important to know strategy based entry & exit points and risk versus reward ratio.

In the Options market, sometimes traders make even more than 100% returns on their investments. In all this, the biggest role is volumes. If one can predict, when the volume is going to rise or fall then trading can become very easy and effective. We have taken special care of this in our index course. Our mentors show students in the live market, the tug of war between buyers and sellers, and understanding of their sentiments. We teach students to calculate the levels of high or low volumes and it’s reasons. Then you can make decisions based on strategies and risk-reward ratio.

Courses fees

  • Registration Fees – Rs 1000/-
  • Program Fees – Rs 30,000/-


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