Mutual Fund Course

SMTA Institute has designed its Mutual Fund course in this way to help the students becoming familiar with investment and developing confidence in selecting appropriate investment products for themselves. The student will receive step- by- step knowledge from basic to a professional in investment funds. This course is not only for those who are interested in investment but also for those of them who just keep their money idle or in a bank account.

This course is a short term course which aims to provide students with a real investment learning experience. Students would learn different instruments of investments available in the market such as fixed deposits, bonds, PPF, etc. However, this course focuses on practical calculations of data and past scenarios of the investment products.

Mutual funds work on the eighth wonder of the world that is compounding. At the end of this course, one would be able to know what are mutual fund investments, their types, their differences, their benefits over other investment products available in the market, comparison of mutual with stock markets and all the full fledge process to start investing with just a little amount of 500 at any age.

Start early to achieve early is the main agenda of mutual fund investments because time plays a very important role in these investments and those who want to retire early or have a plan of world tour can surely go for this program.

Courses fees

  • Registration Fees – Rs 500/-
  • Program Fees – Rs 5,000/-
  • program Duration –month –


- Months






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