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SMTA- Stock Market Trading academy has developed long term investment course with the guidance of experienced teachers and faculties for those students who doesn’t want to sit in front of the screen for the whole day or doesn’t like intraday or swing trading. Long term investment course is designed on technical analysis based price patterns and technical tools. In this you can invest your hard earned money in any company by proper calculation of its financials and risk reward ratio for better long term return.

In stock market institutes long term investment should be thought in the fundamental analysis course in which students would be thought to analyse the financial statements of the companies, but in SMTA Institute there are experienced faculties who done a lot of back testing and research for developing this special course which is only for long term investors. Till now investors use to come in the market with their hard earned money on the basis of financial statements and PE ratio, in which the risk calculated is not exact and that may lead to losses or holding the position for several unwanted years.

There is a great difference between trading and investing. In trading there is no requirement for deep analysis of any company like it’s turnover, share holding pattern etc, because all the decisions are based on the peak and trough movements by seeing volume and on price action but, vice versa in investing one has to watch all the detailed overview of the companies, their trend, support and resistance and stop loss too. SMTA designed its long term investment course in such a manner that should be easily understood by the students. In live classes with the help of technical analysis and trend follow strategy students are thought to do long term investments by keeping in mind the risk reward ratio, which leads to a better return in the long term.

Courses fees

  • Registration Fees – Rs 500/-
  • Program Fees – Rs 8,000/-
  • Program Duration – One Month 


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