Introduction To Trading and Investment

Introduction to Trading and Investing (ITTI) is the best program for those students who want to make their career in financial market and for those too who want to earn money in the cash market or futures and options by doing intraday as well as swing trading regularly. Apart from that students will learn long term as well as short term investing in the (ITTI) program.

Introduction to Trading and Investing (ITTI) course is for all the students who are already in the stock market and doing regular losses in Intraday and investment or not able to earn with their full potential. Students face this kind of problem because of a lack of knowledge as they don’t know when to enter and exit into a trade that leads to losses. We take care of all these happenings in the stock market with students, that’s why we have developed ITTI course by keeping all the psychological points in mind, as we teach strategy based trading to students with real funds that build confidence in them and convert unprofessional into a professional one so that one can trade independently and would be able to make his/her career in stock market.

SMTA- Stock Market Trading Academy also helps you identify your emotions and fears, which are a coherent a part of this trade. We teach you how to take control of emotions and use them to make money in the stock market, where only less than 10% of people can succeed. With a relaxed heart and an informed mind, it’s not difficult to form money during this fluctuating market. you furthermore may get lifetime support from mentors. Top of it, you also get advanced software for professional trading for practice during the course. This software provides you enough tools and techniques to work and sharpen your skills. (ITTI) Introduction To Trading and Investing has been created for beginners. It helps you to take small steps towards being a professional trader. (ITTI) the course has Ten modules, meticulously designed created by experienced traders. It has content and strategies which are closely watched and tested by professionals.

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  • Registration Fees – Rs 1000/-
  • Program Fees – Rs 38000/-
  • Program Duration – 5 month 


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