Forex International Market Course

Forex market is the largest business in the world, in which more than 7 trillion business is done daily. In which the volume of buyers and sellers is very high. In Forex market course students are taught to trade in foreign currency, in which students trade in currency pairs like USD-EUR, GBP-EUR, JPY- EUR, etc.

The SMTA institute has taken care of those small technical things in its forex international market course so that students can easily find entry and exit levels in such a large business where daily high volume is traded, hence the risk-reward in this course. This course has been designed by focusing on the calculation of students so that students can trade forex market trading seriously and do not take a trade without understanding the tug of war of buyers or sellers in high volume. The most trader in the forex market makes the biggest mistake that trade without understanding the sentiment of volume so that there is a big profit but it does not happen and their chances of loss increase. Therefore, while trading in the forex market, it is very important to strengthen your strategy based entry-level.

In SMTA institute, students will be given the classes of technical analysis to understand the sentiments of buyers and sellers in forex international market trading so that the student can read the charts of the forex market and identify the market trend, and then the 2nd step advanced technical In which the advanced strategy of technical analysis will be told so that students can understand the calculation of risk-reward, then in 3rd step students will also be provided with automatic scanner, which is the signal provider software which will be based on advanced technical analysis strategy. Doing research and taking a trade on that research It will be easy, after that deep discussion of the forex market will be given in the fourth step, their sentiments will be explained, the forex market trading account of students will also be opened, only after this all students will be ready to trade in forex market and only then students forex You will be able to make your trading career in the market.

Courses fees

  • Registration Fees – Rs 1000/-
  • Program Fees – Rs 25,000/-
  • program Duration 2 month¬†


2 Months






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