Frequently asked questions(FAQ)




12th pass out is required to join stock market courses.

Yes, It will support you always for years and also solve the queries asked by you

After the completion of the Advanced Technical Analysis course, you can start trading and making money.

When the course gets finished, you will be able to handle any NISM or NCFM exam. After getting the certification we will conduct your interview with good stock market companies and offer a 100% guarantee.

In one go payment, you can avail of a good discount or else you can try in the festival season also.

 We have tie-ups with good companies in the market that are existing for a long time. Some of them are Indian market brokerage firms, Banks, Mutual funds, and KPO related.

You can start from a good part like Portfolio Manager, Equity and Derivative Market Dealer, Equity Market and Investment Advisor, Sales Manager, Relationship Manager, Assistant Manager, Sales Executive, Financial and Supervision Analyst, Fund Manager, Fund Accounting and Growth Manager, Technical and Fundamental Analyst and many more in KPO’s and Banks.

Yes, you can pay in installment.

Our course batches start every week, you don’t have to wait for classes.

No, you need not pay again but you have to inform the concerned person of SMTA. Then accordingly we make provide you backup classes if you miss one or two classes. If you miss many classes then we provide you another upcoming batch.

Yes, our all teachings are based on a real live stock market platform.

Yes, if you have doubts about any topic, you can take retake classes any time you want to.

We provide both job oriented courses and self-trading courses to our students.

Yes, we provide online courses as well.

No, you don’t need to know about the stock market before joining this course.

Yes, after completion of the course, SMTA Institute will provide a certificate to all the students.

Yes, we teach all our students through live trading. All the topics are taught in a practical manner so that students follow rules and regulations in the market and work professionally.

We will provide you the opportunity to work as a Techincal research analyst and a Fund Manager in our company.

Yes, we will provide funds in your Demat account in which you will trade under our guidance in the beginning. After some time, you can also do personal trading or job along with managing our funds to increase your income.

In the beginning, the profit sharing ratio will be 50%. After a few months, it will be increased to 70%.

Whatever the amount of your profit is it will be distributed weekly.

No, you don’t have to pay for losses. SMTA will bear the loss in case you incur a loss while trading.

Fund will be provided in your Demat account.

Yes, while filling the admission form, you will be signing another form that will clearly state the rules of providing the fund so that you can trust us.

We will provide a fund ranging from Rs.40,000 to Rs.1,00,000 in your Demat account. The amount will be mentioned in the form.

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