Entrepreneur Trading Course

Entrepreneur Trading Course (ETP) is specially designed for those students who want to make a career in trading and want to start the course of the stock market from beginning and earn profit by trading.

Entrepreneur Trader Course is for all those students, who have been struggling in the stock market for years and still cannot get any perfect results and they have to face a loss in trading every time.

And this trader’s solution has been solved by SMTA, in this trading course where you will be given knowledge in the details of trading so that students come to the market in a new way and understand the tug of war of buyers and sellers, And the advanced strategy should be done so that students can get emotions and passion under control and deal in the market.

Why Choose (Entrepreneur Trading Course) from SMTA?

  1. Students get learned the tug of war of buyers and sellers in the live market.
  2. All students are given a robotic scanner which makes it even easier to research, which is very helpful for the student to take a rigorous decision.
  3. Our Smart Trading Course is the most famous courses of our Institutes
  4. Software for Intraday Trading Research will also be given so that Students can cross-sell the bullish or bearish trend in trading.
  5. We provide Lifetime support.

Course Content

Courses fees

  • Registration Fees – Rs 1000/-
  • Program Fees – Rs 27,000/-
  • program Duration 3 month¬†


3 Months






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