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When we talk about stock market trading, then generally we know so many things like SENSEX, NIFTY and how to buy or sell a particular stock or index. But the problem comes in the derivative market, like “What is future and options”, “What calls or put” etc. The derivative market is like a two-edged sword. It is the best tool to make bigger money, but if not handled properly then it ends up losing big amounts too. So it is very important to be well trained in it before entering the market. Also, it’s a common belief that the derivative market is tough to understand.

SMTA – Stock Market Trading Academy overview Stock market trading academy has a view that with proper knowledge of derivatives along with practical live market training, it’s not difficult to master this market. Since margins used in the future and options are way less than equity trades, so you can work more with limited funds. It gives you a platform to earn big with less capital too. We at SMTA have an extensive module on derivatives. The module explains how options are priced and the way they’re wont to create bull and bear spreads. Also, you will learn about volatility, income, hedging strategies, vertical spread, horizontal spread, diagonal spread, straddle, long straddle, etc. and about how technical analysis can be used as a tool for both options and futures trading.

Even for equity trading, derivative strategies can be used as hedging strategies. We advise our students to always manage their risks by different, foolproof strategies. We believe to safeguard ourselves against losses before thinking of profits. Money saved is money earned.


Introduction to Derivative Market and Understanding share indices :

Basic of the derivative market, Indian derivative market history, the economic function of the equity derivative market, investment and speculation, types of derivative market and contract, derivative market benefits, Participants in the derivatives market, index management, desirable attributes of an index, Impact cost.

Future Contract, Mechanism, pricing, and Understanding Beta :

Forward and Future Contract, future Payoffs, how to calculate the future price, pricing equity Index futures, future market terminology, Contract cycle, Dividends, Beta measures a stock’s volatility, speculation, hedging.

Options contracts, Mechanism, Applications, and Options strategies :

Option terminology, Calls and Puts, time value, intrinsic value, the difference between future and Option, spread and straddle strategy, covered call and butterfly strategy.

Pricing of Contract, Greek Letters, and Trading of Equity Derivative Market :

Option Greeks, trading system for future and option, corporate hierarchy, order types and conditions, PRO and CLI option, contract specifications for index future and option NIFTY, contract specifications for future and options stocks.

Clearing Settlement, Regulatory framework, and Accounting for Equity Derivative market :

Clearing mechanism, settlement of future and option contract, types of margin, rules regulation for the derivatives market, accounting and taxation of equity derivative market.

Courses fees & Duration

  • Registration Fees – ₹ 500/-
  • Program Fees – ₹ 12,000/-
  • Program Duration 1 month

Courses fees & Duration

1 Year