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Every day many new beginners enter the stock market to become a trader or to become a professional in the world of the stock market. But without proper knowledge and experience, they mostly end up in making losses and get disheartened. This is a bitter truth of this profession that only a small percentage of people make money and rest lose their hard-earned money. They start thinking about this market as “ Satta Bazar.” Students, who enter the market fully prepared with strategies, calculations of risk and reward coupled with control on emotions (fear and excitement), can only make money here.

We at SMTA, understand the value of your money and teach you how to protect and multiply it. With Advanced Technical Analysis, we make you equipped with various sure-shot strategies, calculations of risk and reward in a particular trade. Then you can make profitable decisions and be a professional trader.

Join SMTA (Stock Market Trading Academy), Advanced Technical Analysis classes in Delhi, if you are a beginner or even if you have done some course somewhere before. With us you can learn all new strategies, which are developed by our teachers with their experience in this market to give a new direction to your trading, we have designed our technical analysis course in such a way that you get all the bookish knowledge along with practical strategies. It’s very important to understand the sentiments of the market. We mentor you to provide hands-on training in a live market. We are very sure that after this when you would enter the market, you will be fully prepared and confident. We will be there to solve your queries always and support you grow.

We have focused more on price action strategy in the advanced technical analysis course, which is an intraday strategy. 95% of people do intraday trading in this market, but fail to make profits. For intraday, students to be more meticulous within the calculation of stop loss & target. Also, it demands more control over passion. We will teach you strategies in the advanced course so that you may think of taking out bigger profits while keeping the risks low.

An Advanced Technical Analysis course is a 100% strategy-based course. In which, bookish knowledge helps you clear NISM or NCFM certifications exam. But bookish knowledge can not make you earn money in the real market. This is a bitter truth of this market. Few people think that they will read some books or watch YouTube channels and become technical analysts. This is just not possible. This is a place where one falls a lot and if there is no one to teach or support, then sometimes one can lose all money and hope and ends up leaving this market. As long as you don’t practice and understand the sentiments of the market, you can not make money here. For this purpose, we have specially included a module, where we provide students real money in a Demat account to practice our strategies under the guidance of our highly experienced mentors. We send our students to this battlefield fully prepared. We can proudly say that our students are very successfully placed in various positions in this profession and multiplying their money at home too. We would love to have you too in our prospering SMTA family. Join us, the next batch starting soon.

Why Choose (Advanced Technical Analysis course) from SMTA?

  1. In the live market, you will be thought Advance Technical Strategy based trading with real money.
  2. Advance Technical Analysis program is a 100% practical live trading program in which you will be thought trading by following rules and regulations and by keeping a risk-reward ratio in mind. In these 85%strategies are for intraday trading and 15% is for swing trading, which are based on price action.
  3. Free Demat account opening (Share khan, SMC global and Zerodha )
  4. Technical charts, candlesticks and all those strategies which would bethought in the Advanced technical analysis would be practiced by students on professional software.
  5. We keep in mind that while trading initially students will not enter into wrong trade and lead to loss, so for the safer side we provide research for intraday as well as swing trading so that their eyes would become habitual for catching the perfect moves and in the short term they will not feel de-motivated or make a bad image for a market that it is a gambling place. We focus on theoretical knowledge so that students can clear NISM and NCFM modules and get a job, apart from that we strictly focus on making the student a professional trader. 

Advanced Technical Analysis Content

  1. Technical Analysis content (covered all topics)
  2. Different Types of Candlesticks
  3. Different types of Trend lines
  4. Chart Patterns with Fibonacci
  5. Harmonic Patterns
    1. ABC Bullish/Bearish
    2. 3-Drives Bullish/Bearish
    3. Gartley Bullish/Bearish
    4. Bat Bullish/Bearish
    5. Shark Bullish/Bearish
    6. AB=CD Bullish/Bearish
    7. Butterfly Bullish/Bearish
    8. Crab Bullish/Bearish
    9. Cypher Bullish/Bearish
  6. Indicator-Based Intraday and Jobbing strategy
  7. Different Time Frames strategy
  8. Fibonacci Series
  9. Vertical and Historical Line strategy
  10. Technical Analysis Tools
  11. Different Types of Divergence
  12. Forex and Indian Pivot Point

INTRADAY (Price Action and scalping strategy)

  • Price Action and scalping strategy:
  • This is our patent strategy, where we teach demand and supply sentiment behind a particular share and develop a strategy to make big profits. Price action strategy helps to make money in minutes and you don’t need to sit on your computer, the whole day. We have created a price action and scalping strategy in such a way that it would help you clearly identify the reversal point of any particular stock and calculate the risk and reward.

Courses fees & Duration

  • Registration Fees – ₹ 1,000/-
  • Program Fees – ₹ /-
  • Program Duration 1 month

Courses fees & Duration

1 Year